Fueling Systemic Change for LGBTQ+ Youth

Equity Driven is a collective impact initiative focused on the creation of open and affirming systems of care where young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and or transgender feel safe, connected, affirmed, and supported for throughout their lives.

Equity Driven is built on the foundational belief that breaking the cycle of oppression for any group of marginalized people begins with dispelling stereotypes through education, breaking down barriers through collaboration, demonstrating respect through policy, and building trust through practice.

Equity Driven is committed to systemic change which will ensure that all young people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression can grow, thrive, and safely be their authentic selves.

The four primary areas of focus are family, school, juvenile justice, and child welfare. Within all of these systems, Equity Driven evaluates existing policies and practice guidelines, data collection processes and professional development resources, to determine what modifications and/or actions need to be taken to ensure that each system is open and affirming for LGBTQ+ youth.

A Note About Our Data Sources

Because of the nature of the data available, all numbers presented on Equity Driven are estimates based on data from national surveys, statewide surveys in Tennessee, or peer-reviewed research studies. The lack of Tennessee-specific data, especially data focused on sexual orientation and gender expression, means that all numbers should be understood only as estimates of prevalence in Tennessee.

plays a vital role in LGBTQ+ lives.

Open & Affirming

A public declaration that LGBTQ people are welcome in this place
- United Church of Christ, 1985

Why it all matters

Creating open and affirming spaces provides LGBTQ+ youth the opportunity to authentically discover themselves and build community with their peers. Having community can be the catalyst a young person needs to believe in a brighter future and continue their journey, especially when times are hard.

What Can You Do?

If you want to be a part of creating equitable systems of care for LGBTQ+ youth, please join us.

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